Gain complete control of report generation in Microsoft Dynamics AX!


With the Lasernet connector, the need to programme with SSRS reports is removed. Users will be able to quickly create, modify, control, disseminate and archive branded documentation across an entire organisation. Incorporating drag-and-drop functionality and compatible with all formats, Lasernet creates perfectly arranged, bespoke layouts for print and electronic distribution and promotes easier maintenance of a company’s visual identity. Built into AX users are able to drive all their logic and output using standard screens and so no extra training is required. Allowing for on-perm, hybrid or cloud the Lasernet solution for AX has been developed with the smallest to the largest client in mind and is future proofed by inclusion into the TAP program and being CfMD certified.

Whether you are running AX2009 , AX2012 or Dynamics 365 for Operations, Lasernet can integrate with them all and communicate to your customers and suppliers in any format and by any media. Future proofing your investment for those on Ax2009 / 2012, you can install today safe in the knowledge that in the future you can upgrade with no loss in functionality to our connector for Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Lasernet is a tool that allows for an effective and uniform report generation with a streamlined design from Microsoft Dynamics AX. Take control of the complete process – right through to your fingertips – with Lasernet!

Say goodbye to a demanding and expensive task that requires a lot of legwork (read: coding) by the AX consultant before reports can be generated from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Say hello to a reality, where Lasernet helps you generate data AND makes it easy for you to work with the design of business documents in-house. Work without using Reporting Services (SSRS Reports) and Visual Studio, and get access to a tool that can help create all sorts of business documents (invoices, bank statements, credit notes, order confirmation, etc.) in an easy and effective way.

Reports can be created up to 5 times faster than before, and additional data can be added with just a single mouse click. Documents are filed in PDF format, and the customer can reprint, review, and resend documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Dynamics AX 2009, 2012, R2, R3, Dynamics 365 for Operations
√  True add-in
√  Make reports 5-8 times faster without SSRS visual studio
√  10 Pre-configured templates
√  In-built archive
√  Self-Service reporting
√  Automated Distribution
√  Free graphical layouts with no limitations
√  Adjusting graphical layouts using standard desk-top tools
√  Automated Attachment distributions
√  e-Invoicing
√  Enhanced functionalities in AX

A preview-function that makes it possible to view the documents before sending them.

The ability to employ many different output channels (paper, e-mail, fax, XML, UBL, PDF, etc.) -document distribution driven through Microsoft Dynamics AX to ensure that customer A can receive a print while customer B gets a PDF file attached to an e-mail at the click of one button.

Archive for printed documents that can be opened and read directly from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Business logic stays in Microsoft Dynamics AX, making upgrades easy.

Available on all releases of Dynamics AX ensuring complete piece of mind that you are future proofed.