Lasernet Output Management offers extensive document design capabilities for you. Therefore with Lasernet Output Management you can design, format and route documents ,and as a result, you have the ability to generate business documents in a variety of formats and layouts. As a result, you can create your documents and merge information from different systems.

Lasernet Output Management gives you the possibility to edit, forward or print the collected data. To meet individual needs, we provide you with a comprehensive document output management tool. From document capture to storage and archiving, all functions are included and before sending the file, you can view the contents in the form of a PDF file.

Tailored to the needs of your company, Lasernet Output Management is available for many Dynamics AX versions. We support your company efficiently and sustainably with the implementation.

You can use the Lasernet Output Management and establish direct communication between different systems. This allows you to capture, store and archive data. You can automate the document processing process according to your needs.

We also provide you a digital verification function for incoming invoices. For this, we rely on Abbyy OCR software. With it, incoming invoices are automatically transferred to your accounting system. You can customize the validation rules, according to your needs. Invoice validation rules can be configured with or without purchase order reference.

Lasernet Output Management supports EuroSox, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II accounting rules, as well as plenty of local XML formatting regulations, in this case meeting all legal requirements.


Lasernet at a glance

Lasernet removes the need for programming in SSRS when generating reports out of Dynamics 365FO and enables content-rich, branded documentation.

Lasernet Output

Lasernet Output Management provides the ability to easily meet diverse customer requirements for business documents.

Lasernet Output Formats

With Lasernet you can export any data from D365FO and forward it externally in the form of freely definable XML structures. Possibly existing XML templates can be loaded into the Lasernet Designer

We’ve got the solution

In a fiercely competitive environment and with trends changing quickly, Lasernet ensures efficiency gains and high standards for now and in the future.