Lasernet Output Management

Lasernet Output Management software is designed for designing, formatting and routing documents. Lasernet offers the possibility to generate business documents in different formats (email, fax, PDF, PDF/A, EDI, XML, JSON) and layouts.

With Lasernet you can create documents by combining information from different systems. The collected data can then be edited, forwarded or printed. To meet individual needs, we provide you with a comprehensive document output management tool. From document capture to storage and archiving, all functions are included.

The LASERNET team has 10 years of experience through national and international projects. Take advantage of our expertise and trust in our many years of know-how.

Benefits of Lasernet Document Design

  • Preview function: Before sending the file, the contents can be viewed as a PDF file. Fast and uncomplicated, for more efficient corporate communication.
  • Local, hybrid or cloud: Tailored to the needs of your company, available for all Dynamics AX and D365 versions.
  • Efficient and simple: Direct communication with different systems means that no additional interfaces need to be programmed. This gives you a time and cost advantage.
  • Dynamic processing: Respond to customer needs with stored, fully automated document processing.
  • Documents according to CI: Receive uniform documents according to your individual corporate identity or in your corporate design.

Lasernet Output Management

We support your company efficiently and sustainably with the Laser Output Management implementation. Lasernet is compatible with Dynamics AX 2009, all AX 2012 versions and Dynamics 365 SCM.

Lasernet Output Management enables direct communication between different systems. The acquisition, storage and archiving of data is thus guaranteed, quickly and easily. Document processing can also be automated according to specific requirements.

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