Business Integration

Data is exchanged easily and securely using established business document standards and independently of the specific formats or ERP systems of the business partners involved.

Seamless integration

FlexxLink Integration Services are fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM, automatically supporting Microsoft's "One Version" philosophy, which allows for easy upgrades to the solution.


EDI automation breaks down isolated data sources to reduce communication errors and eliminate bottlenecks that prevent your business from reaching its full potential. Automating business processes through EDI, is faster, more efficient and less error prone.

Highest flexibility

If internal changes are made to the business processes, these can be easily adapted. This reduces the creation, administration and maintenance effort.

Digital Transformation

By providing the SEEBURGER connector, messages are already transferred in SEEXML format. This innovative solution avoids multiple, risky and time-consuming conversions.

Efficient processes

For the company management, the use of EDI solutions results in a wide range of benefits, as business-relevant information is available faster, more transparently and, above all, in a more structured form.

Cost reduction

An EDI solution reduces personnel expenses, saves time and promotes efficient data management processes in your company. Digital solutions automatically handle previously manual processes such as checking invoices.

Accelerated business processes

Business growth requires automation processes. FlexxLink supports you in doing so, to achieve your goals cost-efficiently and in a short time


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