FlexxLink Integration Services

FlexxLink is a ready-to-use EDI - EDIFACT application fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM with direct connection to SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

The FlexxLink Integration Services enable your company to save time and money on data management. EDIElectronic Data Interchange can be directly connected to external partners with FlexxLink. FlexxLink provides a direct point-to-point solution and thus dynamic work processes.
Use of FlexxLink Integration Services is possible with the following external partners: SAP, SAP ARIBA Network with cXML, PROALPHA, ABAS or ORACLE. The data management of orders, purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices are processed centrally in FlexxLink and transmitted to the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) via web service. The FlexxLink BIS connector ensures that messages are converted into the SEEBURGER indirect (canonical) EDI mapping format SEEXML.

The communication between FlexxLink and SEEBURGER runs via the canonical format SEEXML trading partner mappings. The EDI connection from FlexxLink with Dynamics 365 SCM to SEEBURGER gives your company access to over 10,000 active partner connections. For each ERP system and business process, there is a unique process mapping, while for the partner side, a ready-made, trading partner-specific “partner mapping” comes from SEEBURGER’s large mapping repository.”

Advantages of indirect (canonical) SEEXML EDI mappings.

Benefits of FlexxLink Integration Services for D365FO

Technological partnership

FlexxLink Integration Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM in conjunction with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) provides the central platform for all integration scenarios.

With it, you keep your data and processes flowing quickly, reliably and securely. In Industry 4.0, integration winners are automatically also digitization winners.

FlexxLink & BIS – the central integration platform for your entire ecosystem.


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