The current release of FlexxLink Integration Services supports the typical EDIFACT supply chain management processes in purchasing and sales.

With the associated FlexxLink Business Connector to the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), completely new possibilities for the exchange of standardized EDIFACT messages arise.

SEEBURGER has developed its own canonical format with SEEXML, which is used for partner mappings. One reaches more than 10,000 trading partners using the SEEXML Partner Mappings. Using the FlexxLink SEEBURGER BIS connector accelerates the EDI EDIFACT implementation process.

Here is an example of an EDIFACT process:

Customer enters a Sales Order ORDERS
Supplier receives a Purchase Order
changes the order ORDCHG
Supplier receives change
Supplier Confirms Order
Supplier sends delivery advice
Supplier sends invoice INVOIC
Customer send payment advice

An electronic data exchange can only take place if both business partners can receive, decrypt and send messages. To make this possible, message standards are used.

Messaging standards

Since Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation (SCM) does not natively master this message standard, the structured data to be sent (internal format) must first be converted to the established message standard via the FlexxLink BIS connector on the Seeburger side before it can be delivered to the recipient via the agreed electronic exchange protocol . This requires three essential processing steps: Connect – Convert – Communicate.



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