Lasernet at a glance

Lasernet removes the need for programming in SSRS when generating reports out of Dynamics 365FO. Drag-and-drop functionality enables users to quickly create, modify, control, disseminate, and archive content-rich, branded documentation across an entire organization
(regardless of size) for print and electronic distribution.

On-premises, hybrid, and in the cloud, Lasernet is available on all Dynamics 365 releases, ensuring complete peace of mind knowing you are future proofed. Lasernet uses advanced cloud technology to overcome printer configuration issues. Lasernet can drive any printer, even if the printer is not directly accessible.

Lasernet provides the ability to employ many different output channels including paper, email, fax, XML, UBL, and PDF. With document distribution driven through Microsoft Dynamics 365, Customer A can receive a printed document while Customer B gets a PDF file attached to an email, all at the click of a button.

Generating documents from F&O, CE, BC, and more, Lasernet gives you one central Azure enabled tool for design. By taking data from all areas of Dynamics seamlessly, you can have your invoice sales data generated from finance. Everything is centrally controlled to ensure consistency

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