Lasernet Output

Lasernet Output Management provides the ability to easily meet diverse customer requirements for business documents. Create and distribute business documents in any format (email, fax, PDF, PDF/A, EDI, XML, JSON, iDoc…) and desired layout, as required by each individual customer, in an intelligent and structured way.

With e-Invoicing, you can digitally transform error-prone paper-based invoice processes into efficient, elegant business documents in any file or format. The cost of manually processing a paper document is estimated at EUR 26, but switching to a digital document could mean a savings of up to 90%.

e-Invoicing from Formpipe Lasernet offers the ability to support any global standard for e-Invoicing, including XML, EDIFACT, Chorus Pro and ZUGFeRD. Positioned between Dynamics and your financial solution, e-Invoicing generates electronic documents that can be easily created and customized by non-IT trained personnel.

Generating EDI could not be easier in the Lasernet Developer, which allows easy setup from a template (see screen 1) or manual creation (see screen 2) of escapes, grouping, separations and segments in the way EDI (UNA) characters are to be embedded in the EDI file after conversion is complete.

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