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The utilities industry is a fiercely competitive environment and with trends changing quickly companies have to react quickly to business and consumer needs. Keeping up with this has seen a shift in the technology required to run these organisations and standardisation is becoming more and more the key message. Deploying Lasernet in this environment ensures efficiency gains and standards can be met for now and in the future.

Delivering clear standard documentation in the right format to clients and customers is key, coupled with corporate branding and marketing opportunities it is essential to ensure the underlying system can deliver – Lasernet certainly can!

Bringing efficiency

With its roots deriving from Manufacturing, Lasernet has delivered efficiency to many small, medium and large enterprises over the years. Whether it is the requirement to produce any type of barcode on any type of document, or print a label to one printer and the packing list to another simultaneously, Lasernet can deliver.

From the smallest to the largest printer, thermal to matrix and even a simple desktop laser printer, Lasernet can drive your requirements and printers to ensure full use of all their capabilities. Delivering documents to customers and suppliers, even from older legacy solutions, allows you to migrate to new technology whilst still taking advantage of years of stability with your ERP.

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