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We equip companies in trade and industry with first aid products according to ÖNORM Z 1020. NUBIMEDIC can look back on many years of experience and numerous cooperations with Austrian companies who trust us and put the safety of their employees in our hands. Our portfolio includes recurring in-house maintenance for first aid kits and cases as well as for your entire vehicle fleet.

NUBIMEDIC also has special equipment, which can be requested additionally depending on the industry. For burn injuries we offer proven products of the brand BURNSHIELD. Additionally our portfolio includes products of the brand BRAUN for eye rinses, as well as hypoallergenic products for special wound dressings. For the automotive sector we offer a special, high-quality plastic case, which specifically protects against dust and splash water. These products therefore additionally comply with ÖNORM V 5101 and § 102 KFG.

ÖNORM Z 1020 First-Aid case

The Case

First aid can save lives, so we deliver quality without compromise. The products we use comply with all DIN and ÖNORM regulations. All contents of the case as well as all case spare parts can be reordered individually. The first aid cases type 1 and type 2 are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic and are delivered with a wall bracket and a 90° locking device, so that the case can be opened unhindered even in the wall bracket.

Our bandaging material

Our aseptically packed bandaging materials have a shelf life of 5 years. If they are not used, they must be replaced with new ones after this period. Our non-sterile dressing materials usually do not have an expiry date. 

Special equipment for burn wounds

As an extension to ÖNORM, we equip numerous companies with additional products.

NUBIMEDIC equips companies like bakeries or foundries with additional products. Especially for burn injuries of all kinds we rely on the brand BURNSHIELD. This hydrogel is skin-friendly, contains no greasy substances and has an analgesic effect. The gel is ideal for first aid in the case of burns and significantly reduces the extent of the injury.

NUBIMEDIC Special Equipment

First aid for burns

For the initial treatment of burn injuries we recommend a special bandage of the BURNSHIELD brand. This foam bandage is soaked in a special sterile gel. This minimises burn damage and at the same time cools and moisturises the skin. The properties of the special gel are ideal for initial treatment: It does not stick to the burn wound, it is kind to the skin, relieves pain and reduces infections.

The burn injury gel is also used in the form of hydrogel sprays. This is also ideal for minor burns and thus also alleviates sunburn. Ideal for the summer and, thanks to its high skin compatibility, can also be used for children.

High quality plasters

NUBIMEDIC offers your company special plasters that stick even on dirty skin. The material of the plaster is very elastic, permeable to air and allows the skin to breathe. Wound adhesion is therefore impossible. We offer your company very long finger strip plasters in various widths and special fingertip plasters. These adhere ideally to the fingertip and protect the wound from contamination. For the treatment of large wounds, we can provide you with quick-action wound dressings.

NUBIMEDIC first aid Online - available shortly

Current circumstances have shown that it is not always possible to carry out a service at the customer’s premises. We are taking this into account and will therefore open our Nubimedic Online Shop in the 4th quarter of 2020.

The online platform offers us the opportunity to expand our product portfolio by the position occupational safety. The current situation requires us to offer top products for skin and hand protection in addition to disinfectants for reliable hygiene.


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