Orthomolecular micronutrients

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The health of the human body is our most precious asset. NUBIVE TRU therefore focuses on pure, natural and high quality orthomolecular micronutrients, which in combination with a balanced lifestyle and nutritional style support your health. Micronutrients are composed of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. These are found in nature and are absorbed through a balanced diet. If the credo “Eat the rainbow” is followed, one would like to believe that a sufficient increase in different coloured fruits and vegetables will cover the micronutrient requirements. However, the prevailing environmental influences and the use of fertilizers and sprays put a damper on this.

NUBIVE TRU supports the compensation of deficits that occur due to stress, environmental influences and some nutritional sins. No longer work in “energy saving mode”, but promote your performance sustainably and efficiently. Based on a healthy, balanced diet, when you take our food supplements your body absorbs those substances that you need for an ideal energy balance.

NUBIVE TRU Promise of Quality

Your health is our concern, therefore we respond to your individual needs and focus on highest quality. For our customers, transparency and honest information about ingredients and modes of action are very important to us. Together with our team of experts and scientists, we work on the composition of high-quality raw materials in order to guarantee you optimal effectiveness and tolerability. All our products are ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and GMP certified.

Vitamins and minerals are only absorbed by our body when the optimal dose of high-quality raw materials is available. The chemical compound that enables the absorption of the micronutrients must be right. That is why we rely on research and laboratory results in order to guarantee a high level of tolerance and optimum effect.

Invest in your health with high-quality, tested and certified micronutrient quality.

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NUBIVE TRU Qualität Sport Outdoor
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NUBIVE TRU Micro nutrients and sports

Sport and exercise promote our health and are a way for many people to balance their stressful everyday lives. Thus, sport not only activates our cardiovascular system, but also increases our general well-being. Exercise and endurance during sports consume an enormous amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Therefore it is important to supply the body with targeted vital substances before, during and after sport in order to compensate deficits and achieve optimal performance results.

Konkurado sports products from NUBIVE TRU

Why do you practice sports? The personal reasons for motivation could not be more different. From weight loss to muscle build-up, endurance or coordination – your body needs a balanced and appropriate supply of micronutrients before, during and after physical activity in order to achieve optimum performance and regeneration.

The development of NUBIVE TRU sports products was carried out in cooperation with scientists, competitive athletes and sports therapists. The combination of expert knowledge and laboratory analyses is what makes our product quality so special, as we want to support hobby and top athletes alike. The NUBIVE TRU sports products are subject to additional tests for listed doping substances in order to be able to be used in top-class and competitive sports.

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