Already 25 years ago I started my career as an external consultant at Damgaard. Then as now, the goal is to create new business management solutions for the, constantly evolving, market.

After the acquisition of several ERP solution providers by Microsoft, I decided to become an entrepreneur in 2002 and founded HFI Software Consulting AG in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. Together with colleagues from the Damgaard era, we formed a powerful team and focused on specialized solutions in the ERP area.

In 2010, we moved the company headquarters to Liechtenstein to better operate in the European Economic Area. Since then, we have been working together under the name MEGASELL AG.

Today, almost 20 years later, our team of specialists has not changed. We have remained true to our philosophy of developing exceptional solutions. 

FlexxLink is the best example. There have been projects in our many years of existence by data connections between Dynamics 365 SCM and external systems was almost always an issue. And as usual in projects, a corresponding solution was developed in each case. Due to the progress of the digital transformation new requirements arise – more and more business processes take place electronically in everyday business. The pandemic has also contributed to this.

EDIElectronic Data Interchange solutions are therefore currently very much in focus. But what is the use of having an EDI integration in your own solution, but for the connection to an external partner you have to start new each time to build up a time- and cost-intensive direct point-to-point solution to the external partner.

Therefore, there was only one solution for our FlexxLink – a Dynamics 365 SCM EDI connection to a middleware that greatly accelerates a future partner connection. Our partner choice for a middleware fell on one of the global providers SEEBURGER. The decisive factor for us was that with the SEEBURGER integration we can access more than 10,000 active partner connections.

Through FlexxLink Integration Services our customers receive an excellent tool with which the digital world is open.  Regardless of whether the external partner has SAP via SAP ARIBA network with cXML, PROALPHA, ABAS, or ORACLE in use, FlexxLink can communicate with these systems almost “out-of-the-box” via the canonical format SEEXML through SEEBURGER.

We offer results-oriented support in:

  • FLEXXLINK – Integration Services EDI Edifact Integration with SEEBURGER BIS
  • LASERNET Business document design
  • D365FO (SCM) Solution design and module development
  • DYNAMICS 365 SCM Project support and consulting

Locations / Partner Offices:

Triesen – Liechtenstein
  • Megasell AG – central coordination
 Vilnius – Lithuania
  • Microsoft Dynamics 2009/2012/365FO-SCM Development
  • FlexxLink Development
  • AX Lasernet Documents, Inbound and Outbound Development
 Wroclaw – Poland
  • Development Lasernet Server Solutions
    • Connection of external systems and solutions
  • Development and Support SEEBURGER BIS and FlexxLink
    • EDI Mapping Development, documentation and test
    • SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) – Configuration trading partner, communication, portal, FlexxLink, partner integration
Hamburg – Germany
  • Microsoft Business Central Distribution
  • Microsoft Business Central Development
  • Lasernet Business Central Distribution
  • Lasernet Business Central Inbound – Outbound Development
  • SEEBURGER – FlexxLink Distribution
  • Central service and support center for all products
Linz – Austria
  • Projects in the field of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO / SCM / Commerce
  • Development in the area Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO / SCM / Commerce
  • Distribution Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO / SCM / Commerce
  • Lasernet Projects in connection with Microsoft Dynamics  AX365 FO / SCM / Commerce

Rhigass 1
9487 Gamprin-Bendern