EDI Message Development

EDI message standards are useful to exchange structured data between business partners electronically. Various organizations such as UN, ANSI, DIN or VDA define the EDI message standards. The most widely used format is the UN/EDIFACT message (United Nations rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport). There are a number of variations on this format (usually defined by an industry, e.g. EANCOM). These dialects are usually referred to as subsets.

Other important message formats include ANSI.X12 (the American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee X12). This standard is mainly used in North America, ODETTE (European automotive industry standard) and VDA (German automotive industry association format). The TRADACOMS standard is the predecessor of EDIFACT in the United Kingdom. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is specifically designed for regulatory compliance in healthcare agencies and for legislative purposes.

Supported formats

Our development team supports you with the following formats for the design and development of EDI message structures in the BIC Mapping Designer from SEEBURGER. Of course, we provide the EDI messages with the appropriate documentation suitable for publication to external trading partners.
In addition, we develop reusable reports for the Jasper Reports component or ad-hoc SQL extracts of SEEBURGER BIS data.

UN/EDIFACTThe most comprehensive and worldwide most common standard is coming from the United Nations (UN/ECE).
EDIFICEImplementation guidelines for EDIFACT messages in the European high-tech industry.
ANSI X.12Standard mainly used in North America.
VDAStandard of the German automotive industry.
EANCOMStandard of the European retail industry.
ODETTEStandard of the European automotive industry.
GALIAAutomotive standard especially in France, very similar to Odette.
ebXMLOpen standard from OASIS and CEFACT.
TRADACOMSStandard of the UK retail industry.
HIPAAStandard of the North American healthcare industry.

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