An EDI mapping defines the translation of data structures from a proprietary file (in csv format, txt, SAP IDoc, ERP specific etc.) to an EDI mapping standard format (EDIFACT, ANSI X12 etc.) and vice versa. On the one hand, the enterprise ERP can automatically integrate the data and on the other hand, a standards-based format can be sent to any trading partner that uses EDI and adheres to the same EDI formats.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Converter

Business Integration Converter (BIC) is a powerful any-to-any conversion that handles all data mapping requirements (testing, splitting, merging, converting).

Mapping Development

Programming of BIC mappings according to SEEBURGER best practices and development standards.

Mapping Documentation

Delivery of complete and comprehensive documentation that enables and facilitates alignment of business and mapping logic. Mapping documentation can be provided online, on paper, or on analog or digital media.

Mapping Test

Verification and documentation of mapping quality and regression conformance at every stage of development.

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